Track Of The Day – Clinic Blonde ‘Fabled’

Clinic Blonde



Copenhagen-based four-piece Clinic Blonde make our Track Of The Day today. ‘Fabled’ is a another slice of of their signature sound – full of insisting guitars and catchy and accessible melodies, all built upon a foundation of pulsing beats and grooves.

‘Fabled’ wouldn’t feel out of place at a Copenhagen frat part with a full blooded combination of energy reminiscent of the 80’s pop-scene and the soft and introverted sound of modern indie. The new single comes through with a fresh, dreamy air to it, and with plenty going on behind the scenes it sets the scene for Clinic Blonde to break from it’s danish roots in the coming year.

Speaking on the motivation behind ‘Fabled’, Clinic Blonde explains: “Fabled is a song about wanting and getting. In as few words as possible it aims to describe the anxiety that is going into a relationship, the following highs you experience and at the same time the fear of losing it all. All this while trying to keep up the act that you don’t even care.”

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