Track Of The Day – Sea Legs ‘Head In The Sand’

Sea Legs Press Shot



Having created a buzz amongst the Leeds music scene, and already getting nods as ones to watch for next year, Sea Legs release their latest track ‘Head In The Sand’. It’s a catchy, thought-provoking release and one that makes our Track Of The Day.

Musically ‘Head In The Sand’ has all the feeling of an upbeat and cheery number, this is completely juxtaposed against the lyrical content that deals with the struggles that come with day to day procrastination and distracting oneself with trivial things in an attempt to run away from life’s bigger responsibilities.

Full of alt-rock influences, this emotive and somehow uplifting track is a blend of pure indie greatness. Sea Legs debut single showcases and undeniable talent, and continue to use their catchy lyricism and the ability to connect with their listeners on a much deeper level to hone their distinct signature sound. “I’ve been away too long” seems a fitting lyric for a band who have spent a significant amount of time perfecting their craft before releasing to the world.


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