Track Of The Day – Oya Paya ‘Where Is The Line’

Oya-Paya_Where Is The Line_Artwork



Wowee, the new track from Oya Paya is a real gem – seriously.  The trio, based in Liverpool via Singapore released their latest single ‘Where Is The Line’ last week and it’s a real groovy number.

Melding a number of genres, Oya Paya create a significantly unique brand of art-pop with ‘Where Is The Line’, which itself is an ode to immigration woes. Based out of Liverpool but counting four countries of heritage amongst the three members (Singapore, France, Iran, England) Ashwin, Maxime and Saam AKA Oya Paya are products of both the vastness of the material world and the intimate interconnectivity the internet brings.

Like any long-distance relationship keeping the band together had it’s frustrations – the inability for the three-piece to play live together at the forefront. However the trio have made a real go of it and by turning their frustrations into inspiration for some of their tracks, and by seizing the brief moments they have together to bring their artistic visions alive, Oya Paya create something truly wonderful.


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