New Music – MOSSS ‘Till You Sink’

MOSSS_grantspanier-55 croppped

The new single from MOSSS is the latest instalment from his upcoming EP that we expect to be dropping early next year. When it comes to creating music, MOSSS, aka Rob McCurdy, is no stranger. Between touring Europe with his first band, to opening a Brooklyn studio and co-writing songs for Top 40 artists as 1/2 of the production duo Noise Club, he’s worked every angle but being a frontman.

MOSSS is the platform that McCurdy is using to step into the spotlight to showcase his voice and perspective. His new single “Till You Sink” is written about a friendship that teetered on the brink of romance before coming apart. Produced with Chris Petrosino, the track is dreamy and nostalgic, laid back and tranquillising, a real smooth stunner.

Speaking on the track MOSSS says; “‘Till You Sink’ started with a Casio synthesizer that I picked up on Craigslist for $100. The opening of the song is sort of a summary of the whole song and foreshadows what to come. “Pour me something I haven’t tried, if it goes easy then I’m alright. Why can’t it all be black and white, not black and blue?”

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