Track Of The Day – HOAX ‘Grow’

sunflower gud 2


Brooklyn-based HOAX recently released their funky second single “Grow”.  Self-described as making the ‘the beautiful sound of sadness’, the five-piece indie-pop band come through with something a little special with this chic sophomore release.

Laden with funky guitars, deep and groovy bass-lines and a little tingle-tangle of the tambourine, ‘Grow’ is a serious indie jam that bounces it’s way through three minutes of freshness. With hints of disco influence, HOAX are defining their idea of indie pop with a unique brand of conscientious lyricism.

Speaking on the track the band say “‘Grow’ was special for us because it’s the only song on the album where the music came first. I had been on a Bee Gees binge and was inspired by a recent trip home to Houston. After hearing my mom and dad regale stories of the disco era and their love for wah-guitars when they were young, I knew instantly that I wanted the melodies of the song to be simple and direct.”


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