YACK! Does… Dietary Restriction

Food, an essential part of life, it gives us the energy to get through the day. Unfortunately for many who have to live with dietary restrictions that energy is sapped up by a larger population of people who don’t or won’t understand the difficulties of these restrictions.

I personally have to follow a very, very strict diet, far beyond just gluten or dairy free. Many fruits and vegetables are off limits to me, and any processed foods are gauranteed to contain at least one ingredient that disagrees. My diet mainly consists of meat and potatoes or rice, maybe tomatoes if I’m feeling frisky. This naturally makes it difficult for me to eat for pleasure.

Although most foods cause me discomfort, it is in fact the general public that cause most of the stress I feel when dealing with my problem, and I would take a punt that I am not the only one who feels this way. Here are just a few examples that I hope people in a similar position to me can relate to.

“Surely a little bit won’t hurt?” 

Yes it will hurt. Do you think I restrict my diet for fun? This question is perhaps the biggest annoyance one can face. Sure I could have a little bit of this food that I’m utterly intolerant  to but I’m going to be in a whole world of pain for the next week. Unfortunately the people who ask this question fail to think of the consequences that I will have to face. Just don’t ask, or at least think before you speak… right?

Buying all the Freefrom foods because they are on offer. 

If you have been a loyal YACK! follower you would know we fucking hate supermarkets and everybody in them. However this particular trait of the everyday shopper really takes the (preferably gluten-free) biscuit. The Freefrom section in most supermarkets is limited at best, so imagine the joy when retailers decide to discount a number of lines. At least it would be joyful if average motherfuckers didn’t go and snap up all the deals without thinking about the people who actually need these special foods. This just grinds my gears big time.

Ps. Old people are the worst.

“Can’t you see a specialist? Or a dietician?”

You think I haven’t tried that? Other equally annoying questions include; “Have you seen a doctor?”, “Why don’t you go private?”, and “I have a friend who has something similar, you should try this thing that they did.”

The answers are as follows; “Yes. I have seen doctor, don’t be such a dummy.”, “Cause I’m not fucking rich, asshole.”, and “Your friend doesn’t have my stomach therefore your stupid little nuggets of advice are virtually useless to me you ignorant pig.”

Being offered every different type of food from someone else plate and being asked “Can you eat this?” or “Can you eat that?”

God this annoys me so much. I am not a big fan of being asked a hundred questions about what I can and can’t eat at the best of times, let alone when I’m trying to have dinner. (And I really do stress the word trying) I have picked my meal based on what I am able to eat, if I was able to eat bits and pieces off of your plate I would have fucking ordered the same as you wouldn’t I? Keep your eyes on your own plate and keep your fucking helpful opinions off mine, because like most things it seems I am intolerant to them.


If you have been affected by anything in this article then please leave a comment, perhaps share your experience with us or even air your own grievances about having a to live with a restricted diet. We are one.

Written by Robb Hiscock

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