New News Now with A.B Wolfestein – YACK! Magazine to Raise Money For CashforKids

Each year local radio station Wave 105 host the 1000 Faces campaign, where 1000 people are asked to raise £100 with the aim of raising £100,000 for children’s charities here on the south coast. The charity promises that all the money raised stays in the south to help the most disadvantaged children.

YACK! Magazine has pledged to raise at least £100, and over the course of 2017 will be hosting events and other fun activities to raise funds. Dumbass in Chief, Robb Hiscock stated “We will endeavour to raise the £100 required of us, but our real aim is to raise more money than the 1000 Faces campaign has ever seen. To be the numberone fundraiser would be a momentus achievement and one that we are confident we can achieve, but we can only achieve if our followers pull together for this great cause.”

With just £5 dontated so far YACK! have a long way to go before they can receive the title of top fundraiser, especially as many sources claim this money was donated by Hiscock himself. If you want to help YACK! and CashforKids achieve their goal please donate here.  Any amount will help whether its 50p, £1, or £100. Every little amount helps go towards the £100 target.

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