New Music – The Shakes ‘Somebody’




Orange County based collective The Shakes are a band of creatives lead by frontman Sean Perry. Despite their American heritage, The Shakes reference many British mainstays from the Brit Pop era as big influences on their sound. With memebrs coming from rich and varied backgrounds, The Shakes have quickly taken on a heap of diverse influences and create a smooth, 80s infused sound. Latest single ‘Somebody’ comes from a long line of superbly crafted indie tunes that the band have been putting out over the last year or so.

‘Somebody’ is packed of catchy melodies and infectious guitar patterns that have a simple, fun edge to them whilst carrying the weight of Perry’s honest lyricism. The smooth vocal washes over the track effortlessly and the rhythm section brings in its own undeniable groove. ‘Somebody’ is a really toe-tapper, proper indie rock with splashes of math rock infused breakdowns and guitar licks that point even further towards their British influence.

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