New News Now with A.B Wolfestein: Michael Jackson Was Murdered… Says Daughter Paris

When this story broke my initial reaction was ‘tell me something I don’t know, of course he was murdered, it was big news.’ It was only after revisiting the court case that I discovered that Dr. Conrad Murray had only been convicted of manslaughter, and that he was sentenced to just four years in jail. So legally not a murder. However the statements made in Paris Jackson’s Rolling Stone interview seem to shine a light from the inside of the King of Pop’s death.

In truth the nineteen year olds interview isn’t really about whether MJ was murdered or not. In her eyes he was. The interview highlighted more of a personal struggle of a young girl pushed into the forefront of the media at one of the most difficult times in her life, and the revelation that everyone within Michael’s immediate family believe there was serious foul play.


In the interview she claims “He would drop hints about people being out to get him… And at some point he was like, ‘They’re gonna kill me one day.” These could come across as the paranoid ramblings of a troubled mega-star, but there was clearly more truth in these statements than everybody could have imagined. Paris Jackson goes on to claim that she was stratigcally planning a way to bring to justice a large number of people she believes wanted her father dead.

The interview goes further into Paris’ relationship with her father, her race, a alleged sexual assualt at the hands of a stanger, her flirtations with suicide and much more. I suggest you check it out as it is awfully revelaving and a pretty gritty insight into the Jackson family.

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