Cider and Bar Review: Mortimer’s Orchard at Electricity Showrooms, Shoreditch

I feel it is necessary to explain what is about to happen in this new and innovative feature. Yack! will work tirelessly to bring to you reviews of different pubs and bars, sampling the different ciders on offer around this fair isle of ours. The Yack! pint rating is a very simple scale to follow, I will go to a pub, select a cider I wish to drink and the rating is then based on how many pints I consume before becoming sick, wasted or bored of the venue I am in. This will give you the most accurate representation of the quality of both cider and bar. So without further ado…

Quiet. The first word to describe the bar, which is strange given the location and the size of the place. A blood red ceiling with gold insignia oozes class, and the bar itself gives off the feel of a traditional London pub. I certainly would not be surprised to learn that this place had been around for at least a century. The bar staff are warm, friendly and accommodating, perfect for me to order a pint of Mortimer’s Orchard cider. Unfortunately it was the only draught cider in the otherwise extensive menu, however this was not going to hinder the taste test. Pint one was cool smooth and delicious, perfect for a hot day. The cider is heavily on the sweet side of the pallette, which is no problem in these conditions. Mortimer’s Orchard cider is not the fizziest of ciders, which again compliments the heat of the day and also the quantity of pints I will want to drink.

Three pints in and without eating since 10am (it’s now ten past five) I’m feeling a shade on the tipsy side, and at £4.40 a pint it could cut the famous Yack! Pint rating down a notch, however this is London so you have to expect these things. Fortunately the Electricity Showrooms has a short but sweet al a carte menu of pub foods which will surely soak up some of my drunkenness.

One hour later and lively is the second word to describe this pub. Admittedly it is in complete contrast to my last descriptor but the change is welcome and the pints will flow quicker now. Food is ordered, and I have opted for the fish and chips a staple in any good pub.

Fish and chips cometh, fish and chips taketh away. You can’t actually take the fish and chips away but the word play wouldn’t have worked otherwise. The food was excellent and the chips were bordering on being classed as the best I’ve ever had. However, the food consumption has stemmed my alcohol consumption some what. Whether this is my fault or the fault of the delicious food and sweet cider, Mortimer’s Orchard cider and Electricity Showrooms receives a hearty four and a half pint Yack! Rating.

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