Rambling Rich: Mosquitoes and race riots

At some point, Matt is going to write me a politely worded E-Mail that basically alludes to him telling me to stop sending him hate mail.

Once again, he wakes up to find the badly (scratch that, read un-) edited ramblings of a beer fueled lunatic screaming vengeance at him via poor writing software such as notepad or Gmail.

“Jesus Christ, Rich”, he must be thinking, “I’ll pay for you to have a version of word, or better yet, I’ll just change my E-Mail address and hope that nobody lets on to the poor bastard”.

Most of us wake up to something positive. I once went to a talk on resilience, which was given by a woman that the UN had commissioned to go around Afghanistan after bomb attacks to see how people were feeling and use that to create her own data on how to be resilient. Then they would pay her to talk to people at UN conferences all around the world and tell them about how people who’d just had their lives and families destroyed would be able to pick up the pieces. I’m sure that they were so grateful for the UN’s input when they sent an ‘expert’ in to see how their experiences could help teach western corporations as to how to better exploit their employees. Delightful stuff.

The point here, however, was that the compare, hired by the company whose job it is to find such important and remarkable people and present them to wide eyed and outright confused team leaders all across the country, was describing his wake up routine and how it involved watching the CNN UK breakfast show’s opening credits as something that motivated him on the way to work and gave him some pep for the day – which in its own right is something that I don’t even want to touch, and I’m the lunatic ranting about mosquito’s – and I feel bad for the poor guy  who wakes up to this.

Until that day, however, I will continue to produce pus the way that my leg hasn’t stopped weeping for three days straight now. Mosquitos in north London are nothing short of bastards. Possibly my warm blood is like a drug for them, but more likely my drug and booze addled body is full of all the intoxicants that they rely on, much like I do, so perhaps I should be less angry and more understanding of their plight.

Not a great, start I’ll admit, but there’s a chance this might turn into something – he types whilst reaching for a warm Budweiser and wondering how many words he’s wasted getting this far.

Today there are ravings all over the internet about the Black Americans Vs US Police battle which is unfolding before us. Two black males were shot and killed by police, one whilst held down and the other whilst reaching for his afore-requested drivers license. The response from the public was that in Dallas, Tx, 5 police officers were killed by gunmen who were then (some of, at least) blown up with explosives.

It’s a sad state of affairs when police officers are killed within the line of duty. Not only because they have opted for a life of protection and service, but also because it almost kind of makes it “open season” on police officers, many of whom are innocent. The fact that some of those involved in the earlier mentioned shootings had been investigated internally numerous times over the last few years for demonstrating what can be described as questionable behaviour at best is a fair reflection on the sickness of some of those who infiltrate the ranks of law enforcement whilst harbouring nothing short of a murderous, despotic power trip, but ultimately not at all of those who work for law enforcement in the USA, and probably the five officers killed in Dallas were not of that persuasion. Probably those five police officers were hard working, family driven Americans who unfortunately ended up on the wrong side at the wrong time.

As we watch the world mourn these five undeniable heroes, however, it does beg the question as to proportionately how many other innocent black males lost their lives for looking a certain way. I wonder which is more dangerous; being a white police officer or being a black American male.

Just being a black American male at the demonstration in Texas whilst carrying a gun (which, inexplicably is still somehow OK within Texan law! – Who honestly thinks that carrying guns at demonstrations is a good idea?!) was enough to convince Dallas PD to send out a manhunt on Mark Hughes, who was photographed at the event with his rifle at the event and consequently brandished on twitter along with the caption:

This is one of our suspects. Please help us find him! pic.twitter.com/Na5T8ZxSz6

— Dallas Police Depart (@DallasPD) July 8, 2016

He was, of course, innocent and the Dallas PD did publish further announcements in order to rectify this as best they could, but it shows how dangerous this mentality can be, he handed himself in, probably more to stop himself being shot in the street than anything else. This may be speculative journalism, but it’s also probably accurate, and if Carlsberg can make a campaign aboutprobably being the best beer ever, then I’m probably the best at shouting abuse at police systems who abuse and disregard the citizens who not only are in their care, but more relevantly pay for these services with their tax money. The BBC – the reason you pay a TV license, UK readers, have had the headline that killer “Wanted to kill Whites” until about an hour before I type this (so when I started, because 16 beers make typing all that much slower – or at least working out what to type. The typing part is fine, that’s one of the plusses of being part of the MSN messenger generation)

Of course, that kind of headline isn’t going to hurt anyone. Nobody is going to get super scared and start being super racist after the BBC starts telling them that someone is out there trying to kill whites. Which fucking generation do we live in!?  Jesus, have you nothing better to do than scare the British public into thinking that the next black dude they see is going to kill them? Nobody is going to misinterpret that headline in a US blog, probably similarly to what I’m doing but through the other perspective?

At least I promise this, anyone wants to argue with my perspective? Please, feel free. Simply E-Mail the contact E-Mail and tell us which size you’d like your T-Shirt to be in and we’ll be sure to charge you and send you one. If you disagree with my approach, that’s unfortunate, I’m sure that your party will turn that into a policy sooner or later.

May the world end before I get drunk again and spare Matt this embarrassment again.

Or not.

Words by Rich Taylor

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