Did Naked Selfies Cause The Malaysian Earthquake? (Emil Kaminski Is A Prick)

You might remember when Yack brought you the exclusive and conclusive answer to the intrigue and mystery of the missing Malaysian airplane fiasco. If you do great, if not give it a read, we’ll wait… done? Great. It was a fine piece of investigative journalism as you no doubt agree. Malaysia seems to be going through it as of late with the latest disaster being an earthquake that tragically killed 18 people and disfigured the iconic “Donkey Ears” of Mount Kinabalu where it seemed to originate.

Donkey EarsMalaysian locals are blaming the earthquake on a group of westerners who climbed to the summit only to proceed to get naked and take a selfie. They were also reported as being generally quite rude to their guides, urinating on places of spiritual importance and generally just flat out ignoring the customs and respectful expectations of visitors to the iconic natural monument. Proof is scarce on the ground obviously and this is essentially just hearsay, and perhaps they genuinely didn’t know the mountain was a spiritual place and they were just enjoying themselves. But seeings as the mountain’s name in the native tongue translates as “Revered Place Of The Dead” and they had a tour guide with them who apparently they ignored and shouted vulgarities to when asked to behave, we are inclined to not let that excuse fly.

One man who decided to join in on this trending online story is Emil Kaminski’s whose reaction to the accusations embodies the entitlement, nativity and just balls out idiocy of many of our generation. You can check out his facebook, twitter or youtube channel if you don’t believe us, but take our word for it, he is a fucking baffoon and should be banned from traveling. How he has somehow made a life for himself out of being a backpacker is beyond us, but we will follow his lead and ignorantly make an assumption that we will then share with the internet: it’s probably mummy and daddy’s money he travels with.

The fact of the matter is this, of course scientifically the earthquake wasn’t caused by a bunch of twats pathetically giving a limp dicked middle finger to the spiritual heritage of a mountain. The deaths of those poor souls killed by the earthquake are not on their heads, but the vain and ignorant mindset of those naked backpackers is certainly on ours. We as western civilization should be ashamed of breeding such a bumbling group of retards.

Whether you believe it or not the customs of that mountain are sacred and should be respected. If a Malaysian went to America and stripped off at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and then started swearing and fucking around instead of showing the expected reverence the yanks would go literally insane, that guy would probably be shot. As a backpacker isn’t the whole point of travelling the world to immerse yourself in other cultures? I’m sure the point is not slack jawed strutting across the planet with a camera pointed at your own face. Climbing a mountain is about the journey, at the summit you should be meditating or taking a break, perhaps admiring the view. Not getting your shrivelled little penis out in flagrant disregard for the local customs. By all means, if the mountain is not a spiritual place, do what you want. Be naked on mountains, in your local supermarket, the moon, wherever it’s a free planet (except for the moon, that is not a planet). But educate and respect those around you for fucks sake.

Emil Kaminski we hate to give you any more attention, as you are so clearly desperate for it and we are essentially giving you a handy just by saying your name you self important, vacuous waste of human life. But we feel it necessary to let you know, if your channels aim is to showcase the life of a backpacker? You’re doing it wrong. How’s your channel doing now all the airlines wont have shit to do with you because you are such an obnoxious tit by the way? We hope this is a wake up call and you grow up Emil, seriously.

In summation… no selfies didn’t cause the earthquake. Tectonic shifts did. But if the mountain was trying to kill someone… it should have been Emil Kaminski, that guy is a tool.

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