Five Top Tips For Improving Your Digital Content

Customer engagement and brand awareness is a fight that is being waged increasingly upon digital battlegrounds. It has now become necessary for companies such as yours to ensure they are equipped to compete in this new warzone. To that end we have created this handy guide in order to equip you with some brand spanking new artillery sure to put some extra fire-power in your already loaded arsenal.

Allow this to play whilst reading the article below. Because if you have a problem, if no one else can help and if you can find him maybe you can…

Tip 1: Hire Matthew Miles Chambers – He’s The Man For The Job

Matt Miles would make an excellent addition to your team, he’s creative and experienced and knows his way around the dictionary. He works well under pressure and thrives to deliver perfectly suited copy. He has proven himself as a freelance copywriter and as a journalist and is currently looking to take the next step on his exciting journey towards word domination (lame pun intended). A Creative Writing & Journalism graduate from Middlesex University he has since turned his hand to music journalism, blog writing, proofreading, editing and social media management and has recently moved back to Bournemouth from London providing you with this incredible opportunity.

Tip 2: Employ Matthew Miles Chambers – He’s Horrendously Handsome

Who wouldn’t want this roguishly adorable scamp (he’s the slightly less fuzzy one) roaming around the office? His affable demeanour and upbeat attitude are sure to work well in any office environment. Unless it’s a particularly sullen and grumpy one… if that’s the case please don’t employ him, he wouldn’t like that, you’ll snub out the childlike glee he has worked hard to keep lit in his heart. Just to be clear, we are talking about the human not the puppy, you cannot have the puppy.

Tip 3: Avail Yourself Of The Services Of One Matthew Miles Chambers – He’s Passionate, Inventive, Intelligent & Capable

Not afraid to shamelessly throw himself at the mercy of not only your own critical gaze, but that of the internet at large, he has no doubt proven that he is keen. At this stage your only worry is probably “but can he do the job professionally?”. Well have no fear Mr or Mrs soon to be employer, he has already sent your recruitment team a slightly more standard approach CV listing his accomplishments in the fields of verbosity. He has worked in a professional capacity for a popular and well read music magazine, had articles published in the metro and written many a blog post for companies ranging from insurance brokers to public houses. He is more than capable of writing in the clinical and soulless manner of the typical professional. As displayed herein however he is also dazzlingly adept at creating attention grabbing and engaging content more likely to stick in the memory of the reader. He is accomplished in differentiating when and what voice is best suited and tailors the copy as needed.

Tip 4: Give Matthew Miles Chambers A Job – He Is Being Wasted

Matthew Miles Chambers already has a job, he is not looking to you for that. He is already well paid and has somewhere to be everyday between the hours of 9 and 5. What he see’s in your company is an opportunity and a challenge. He takes great pride in providing perfection, he performs his duties with unrivalled focus and enjoys being relied upon to deliver to an excellent standard. He is a quick and diligent student picking up new practices and swiftly conquering unfamiliar territories. When treated with the respect and belief of his employer he pays back that trust tenfold going above and beyond the call of duty. He believes you are just the kind of forward thinking, progressive company that will allow his potential to flourish and provide great job satisfaction, pride and loyalty.

Tip 5: Invite Matthew Miles Chambers For An Interview – You Won’t Be Disappointed (Well Hopefully Not Too Much)

Matt Miles loves to chat, he also loves coffee and cake and provided you give him fair warning allowing him to slot you in to his busy schedule we are sure he would be extremely keen to come down to the office and meet you all. It would be a great opportunity for him to speak candidly and in the first person. He is sure you are well aware that this post has been made with his tongue firmly in his cheek but hope you enjoyed it anyway. We at Yack! wish you all the best in your recruitment process and will happily raise a glass to your business’ continued success, but if you choose to put Matthew Miles Chambers in charge of your Digital Content Editing we’re sure we won’t need to.

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