Who Ya Gonna Call? Right Now I’m Not Sure…

“Human Sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria…”

 As a long standing super fan of the Ghostbusters series (yes including GB2), the last week has been a mixture of excitement and disappointment and from trawling through news article comments, for other fans it seems the same. For months news of the third film finally taking flight has been growing with a proposed script been greenlit to talks of casting. Now this week not only do we have a date for summer 2016 but a cast a plot synopsis. First, let’s talk the cast…


Since the passing of Harold Ramis who was Egon Spengler and Bill Murray wanting nothing to do with a third film it’s hard to imagine a film with the OG cast back together now and a fact I think a lot of fans have had to come to terms with. Ivan Reitman the director for the first two films has gone on record to say I felt it needed fresh eyes as a director and somebody with new ideas. I had already done two of them and I love the franchise, so I would continue as a producer but give somebody else the opportunity to bring their own ideas to this wonderful franchise…” he also felt that it wouldn’t be right without Harold Ramis.


Paul Freig who directed Bridesmaids and The Heat seems to have an affinity for directing female casts so felt natural that he would again look to pick a female Ghostbusters team. I have no problem with this, it’s fresh and flips the diversity on it’s head, perhaps I would of liked a mixture of males and females but all-female works for me to.  Say what you will about Bridesmaids but it’s surprise box office takings and worldwide claim has made Freig a hit for directing comedy, though less can be said about The Heat.  My main problem with the cast however is Melissa Mcarthy who I fear will reprise her more popular loud mouthed, slapstick comedy schtick in GB3 rather than the more straight (and better for her) style seen in last years St Vincent with Bill Murray. Analysts have already tried to make comparisons to match the new cast to the old characters but I believe that the new script will attempt something new.


When the cast list was announced, a brief synopsis was released by Sony, which personally…sounded terrible. This has since been removed but hinted that this film may take on more of a ‘ghost hunting’ style with scarier elements than the original. The most devastating news was that this new film will have no continuity or connection to the first two films and will instead be a completely new reboot. For fans, this has been the ultimate kick in the teeth, as Dan Akroyd (Dr. Stanz from GB1 and 2) has teased for years on a third which not only included the original cast but hinted at the possibility that the Ghostbusters business had been franchised, which is where the new team would come from. Unfortunately that’s not to be anymore and instead we are to endure Hollywood’s biggest problem in years…the reboot. Why we couldn’t of had any continuity is beyond me and the ghost hunting aspect doesn’t appeal. However compare Akryod’s original script for GB1 to the finished film and the two are very different, so there’s a lot of hope that redrafts will win more fans over when it’s released. For now however, for fans it’s mass hysteria.


Words by Andrew Marshall

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