Dapper Laughs- Is Not A Cunt

Before I start I want to make clear I do not have any feelings for, or against this saga, only that there are some things that people seem to over look or just don’t think about when they offer their twopence worth.

Has Dapper Laughs become scapegoat for boundary pushing humour? I think so.

Don’t tell me you’ve never told an edgy joke just to get a few cheap laughs and don’t tell me you’ve never laughed at an offensive joke. So why is this poor bastard taking all the shit for what people have been doing for years? I mean Frankie Boyle is still doing his thing, how often does he create a stir like Dapper has? But somehow Boyle gets away with it.

To be fair Dapper must be doing something right if ITV consider him a comedian at all, his popularity is testament to just how many like minded people there are out there, perhaps you should be turning your judgement on the general populace that got his vine account to go viral?

I mean, Geordie Shore promotes sleeping around and treating women like shit and that is in its 8th fucking series. Do you think Gaz is a great role model for young men? Give me a break. If you’re going to hang one person out to dry you hang the whole fucking lot, a move that we would in no way object to, all these mind numbingly pointless, vapid, stupid, shit fucking TV shows which none of you claim to watch yet consistently draw high viewership.

Everybody, and I mean everybody laughs at the “fuck her right in the pussy” guy and that literally stems from a dude who wants to have sex with a missing teenager. The problem is that as soon as something like this hits the news suddenly everybody crawls out the woodwork and has an opinion to seem cultured or to bolster their online persona. what I want to know is how many people who have stood up and made a point against Dapper actually watched the programme when it first aired? Probably not many.

If you have been following the Ched Evans debate, like I have, then you’ll know that there are ACTUAL CONVICTED rapists being allowed to play professional football and earning a massive wage. Evans has been allowed to train with his former club, in what the Professional Footballers Association have called ‘an oppurtunity to pursue his chosen career.’

Do you think Dapper Laughs is going to be given an oppurtunity to pursue his chosen career as a comedian? No fucking way. Ched Evans A CONVICTED RAPIST is being afforded that luxury and yet all you idiots want to talk about is how Dapper Laughs told a girl he had a big willy and she just like the rest of us thought “what a moron” carried on walking and went about her existence, not knowing who the fuck that annoying twat was. Something we would very much like to get back to doing.

Feel free to chip in your own two cents as the only benefit of this current debacle is the open discussion of the issues raised. So comment away you opinionated bastards.

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