Dapper Laughs- Is A Cunt


Your newsfeeds have no doubt been beleaguered with articles and rants about Dapper Laughs, apparently the “comedy” persona of Daniel O’Reilly has caused somewhat of a stir in the modern media. Whilst Yack in no way wants to add fire to an already burning fire of irrelevance we feel it is our duty to serve up an opinion on the matter anyway. Dapper Laughs is already well on his way out the arse end of his six seconds of fame but the issues raised around this debate are interesting and important ones, so unfortunately you’re going to have to hear his stupid bloody name at least a couple more times.

See when we square off against each other in this debate, what we’re talking about isn’t really whether Dapper Laughs is funny or if he’s just a twat, it’s the issues that have been raised up around him that are the point of discussion. O’Reilly clawed his way into the public eye through the medium of the Vine and with the popularization of The Lad Bible and lad culture in general many of his “cheeky” six second videos went viral. Whilst most of them are innocuous and stupid, some verge on the offensive, whilst O’Reilly is seen harrassing both sexes with his unique brand of idiotic “banter”, the females get the brunt of it. His humour hinges around that awkward, overly loud, bravado fueled chuntering exchanged between men down the pub trying to assure eachother precisely how manly they are. That is the point of contention here, his popularity comes from a culture that is already well and truly established and whilst vile to most with an IQ over that of a potato it will continue to be common place because until we finally birth our heads from out of the rectum of inequalities and truly exist in a utopian society there will always be these jarring differences in social etiquette. Go down your local boozer and you will find a million idiots just like Dapper Laughs the only difference being this colossal twat films himself making these “jokes” and comments. This is behavior that should not be encouraged, but because the internet, even a mouth breathing cretin like Dapper Laughs can get his videos viewed by millions and it’s the people liking this content that are the problem here, not simply O’Reilly himself.

Which brings us onto his TV show, whilst ITV is right to have canceled it, primarily because it’s simply not funny, but also because it is basically a sleazy clusterfuck of awful. More importantly it never should have been commissioned in the first place, if you have the stomach to go and watch his vines there is very little trace of anything that can even remotely be labeled as humorus, so ITV have given this show to him based purely on his “popularity” without any real credence given to his credentials. How can someone who makes six second videos possibly hope to make the transition into legitimate entertainer? Is that how far we have sunk as a culture, is that all our attention spans can handle? I actually sat down and watched an episode something anyone claiming to have an opinion on the matter should do and it isn’t as heinous as I thought it might be, whilst in no way compelling viewing it is no more offensive than any other show or lecture by a con artist trying to teach men “how to pull” as if women are in some way not human at all and require a set of tricks or flashy image based nonsense to be wooed. He took a socially awkward male and basically cut off his hair and beard, applied fake tan, then simply taught him how to go up to the girl and basically engage her in conversation. Whilst laughably offensive to anyone with even a snippet of individuality, brain or real world savvy, there was no “slip a roofie in her drink” or anything particularly reprehensible there. Whilst the show was peppered with inane banter and lad humor, it came across to me as an Essex version of Gok Wan. The problem primarily lies with society as a whole, there is a whole list of equally offensive shows on TV selling entirely sexist and antiquated ideals.

The point here is that putting the exploitation of women in a comedic context may subconsciously (or, indeed, very consciously) justify it in the viewer’s mind, exacerbating the already twisted view of gender equality we have in Western civilization. I cringe to think of the amount of people, males in particular, who watch Dapper Laughs’ Vines and identify with some of the obscenities he comes out with, parroting the “proper moist”, “she knows” sentiment. Gender equality wasn’t achieved when women won the vote in 1918; with the remaining female pay rate issues and the huge ‘YesAllWomen’ campaign at the beginning of this year raising awareness of the rape culture present in society, it’s obvious that gender equality still has a fucking long way to go and douchebags like Dapper Laughs really don’t help to spread that message. This sort of uneducated, awful behavior doesn’t belong at the pub and it certainly doesn’t belong on the TV.

The man is a clown, plain and simply, if you watch his vines and then watch them again remembering that this is a man, probably on his own, holding up a phone and being decidedly unfunny in front of the general public you can almost pity him. Couple this with the fact that he has obviously been shamed into denouncing the entire affair and his current prospects of any sort of a career are now roughly the same as that of Robin Thicke making a comeback, and you can almost chalk this up as a win for reasonable minded people everywhere. This equates to a giant middle finger firmly pointed in the direction of all alpha male douchebags who in anyway believe their “banter” has any place within modern society. The man is now to be treated as a leper, publicly stripped, dragged through a barrage of reason and proper behavior and tossed to the side of the road “proper moist” in a pool of his own tears.

Feel free to chip in with your own two cents because the only real benefit to this entire debacle is the open discussion of the issues raised. So comment away you opinionated bastards.

Artwork by Dazz Warr

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