Boomtown Fair Has Sold Out


The maddest city in the UK has reached capacity, that’s right folks if you haven’t already got involved you no longer can. Yack have had the Boomtown Fair booked into our busy calendar since last year when the festival truly staked it’s claim in our heart and soul. The festival revolves around organized chaos and it allows the truly intrepid adventurer to explore parts of their psyche and the site itself at a level not provided by many other big names on the current festival scene.

We are making this post not particularly in the hopes of educating you foolish few who have ignored the buzz and missed out on the opportunity to be part of this chaotic carnival, but more as a form of brag that we are going and you are not. You are stupid and we are awesome.

If you’re smart (like us) and have booked your place as a Boomtown citizen this year then we hope to see you on site, find us, buy us a beer and we might even put a picture of your ugly mug in the review. We’ll be wearing capes (have fun working out if that will whittle down the potential Yack team members or not).

Send us your hot tips and recommendations, or your experiences and stories from on site and we’ll collate them together in a voice of the people kind of article, this is your chance to become a published word person (an accolade all our writers literally have cheeky little wanks over) and contribute to the hailing of the almighty Boomtown and the reach of the equally stupendous Yack magazine.

If you haven’t already, go read our guide on how to best enjoy your stay at Boomtown this year.

Now please excuse us whilst we go and giggle maniacally whilst patting ourselves on the back and preparing for the arduously awesome weekend ahead of us.

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