Film Review- How To Be A Man

No, How To Be A Man is not just another stupid YACK guide, it is Gavin McInnes’ debut feature film and it is full of laughs. The film is 85 minutes of hilarious, semi-biograghical scenarios in which Mark McCarthy, played by Gavin McInnes, and Bryan, played by Liam Aiken, go about making a set of instructional videos for Mark’s unborn son. If you have any knowledge of McInnes’ work, it is instantly apparent that he is playing a character largely based on himself.

Mark is suffering from male breast cancer and the videos he creates are his lasting legacy to his child. Once McInnes’ character gets into the realms of later life, and begins to detail his ways of picking up chicks and how to take drugs responsibly is when the film really picks up. Not only are his mini-tutorials gut-bustingly funny, but they are true to life and probably work pretty well. There are a plethora of ideas Mark puts across that stick with you, and many that you notice happening in your every day life.

His explanation of people who use ‘like literally’ in day-to-day sentences is the most apparent example, and something that I now look out for when speaking to absolute morons. Although it is fucking un-cool to quote films at people, this could be a rare exception.

“Never say ‘like literally’, those are the two worst things you can say. Like means sort of, and literally means exactly. Like Literally is a contradiction, that’s how you know you’re with a bad dude. He’s just not holding himself as a man.”

Although it’s a gag, it is still something to think about. As are many of the gags. The one that will stick with you the most is Gavin McInnes’ over the top, no details spared, lesson on how to eat pussy.

There are so many life classes McInnes’ puts the audience through its hard just to pick a couple of stand out moments. However as far as narratives go its actually pretty shitty, the plot is cliché and an inevitable fall out between Mark and Bryan leads to an epiphany moment from both parties. An over-used fairytale ending that rather taints an undeniably funny movie, although part of me feels this was intentional and that the ending is meant to be a bit hammy.

Despite my criticism of the film’s finale, it is more than worth watching, with constant simple humour that will keep you laughing throughout. As far as I’m aware How To Be A Man is only available on Netflix, but who doesn’t have a Netflix account anyway?

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