5 Short Reviews For The Week 12/7


1. Tropicana ‘Trop 50’ Orange Juice

photo (2)


‘Trop 50’ is the lighter version of regular Tropicana. The bottle reads, “The Juice you love with half the calories”, and it really is the juice I love. The reduction of calories doesn’t make a huge amount of difference, apart from making your mouth less sticky after you have drunk a whole bottle of the stuff. Couple this guilt-free drinking delight with the super cool bottle and you’ll be the talk of the town as you have a refreshing summer drink.- Robb Hiscock

2. The Garden Furniture I Painted.

photo (3)This rather attractive garden seating area started off a well-worn shade of Mahogany. After a long session behind a belt sander, I reduced this little puppy down to a natural raw wood. Many hours, and around 2 litres of Cuprinol ‘Wild Thyme’ wood stain, later this wonderful piece of decorative furniture was to be enjoyed by the whole family. Perfect for the weather we are expecting this weekend. The painting took longer than expected due to the heat, but after two coats I had achieved an immaculate finish.- Robb Hiscock

3. The World Of Crap


World Of Crap is a blog featuring some of the wackiest articles we’ve seen. ‘Shit Days Out For Kids’, ‘Old Adverts I Love’ and many more nostalgic and current pieces, that rival even our level of stupidity, make this blog something worth your time. With a fascination for Ross Kemp and popular kids show Rainbow, World Of Crap offers light-hearted nuggets of internet gold. They even contribute to our Webcomics with installments of, the overwhelmingly thrilling,  ‘Adventures Of Ross Kemp.’. Be sure to check this site out, it’s really super good.- Robb Hiscock

4. Being Vegetarian



Meat is great, it’s delicious and I love it. That being said for moral reasons I have chosen to opt out of the current western obsession with it, I am not here to preach however, instead to complain about how shit it is. Imagine a life with no bacon . . . Not only is that existence dark enough as it is, but it is also filled with having to try to justify why not eating bacon is something you would willingly do to yourself, which as we all know, cannot be done. Conversion is impossible and the entire discussion is very similar in flow and exchange as a religious debate, no one wins.- Matt Miles



Kitchen time (as I like to call it) is a very important time in any boys day. It gives him a chance to talk to himself like an escaped inmate and burn his nipples with hot fat because cooking in your boxers without an apron just makes sense.I have two spatulas. A pink one and a black one. Both pretty much perform the same. Slide under things, pick up the things, flip the things, accurately scratch/slot between my buttocks, attack the neighbourhood pets, the usual. However, I’m a boy and have been conditioned to think that pink has got girl lurgies on it so I don’t like that one as much as the black one. I would recommend the black spatula to my friends that are boys (not boyfriends cause I’m not gay, but I’m okay with people who are). It’s really good and stuff so use that one if you’re ever in my house… but not during MY kitchen time.
I also just noticed that the black one has one less slot so… That’s probably not important… I don’t think anyone wants to read this.- James Anderson


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