Featured Artist Friday – Edityourhometown

If you Google Edityourhometown, you’ll probably see this…


And because not one single person ever has clicked on the second page of a Google search it means you probably won’t have come across this Brighton based band.

Edityourhometown formed in early 2013 and have systemically spat their own brand of Math Rock all over the south coast. Ian Coulson, Connor Stanford, Daniel Gibbon and Steven Fountain complete this refreshingly simple line-up.

Unlike many bands new to the scene, Coulson is a dedicated vocalist, and his focus on this role gives his vocals a unique character. In fact all members of Edityourhometown lend their hands (or mouths) to the singing duties, except Steven Fountain, but what can you expect from a bassist?

Not only have these boys got their sound absoluety dialled, they also have a strong and professional image. You only have to look at their Bandcamp page to see how they have settled down into a very defined aesthetic. It is on this Bandcamp page that you can listen to their debut E.P ‘We Fell From The Top Of The End Of The World’.

Cover for 'We Fell From The Top Of The End Of The World'

Cover for ‘We Fell From The Top Of The End Of The World’

Released in October of last year it is well worth a listen as you’ll read later in our E.P review.

If you want to check these guys out, but hate Google for all their capatilist favouritism, then here are all the links you could ever need:




Words by Robb Hiscock

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