YACK Weather Warning

Yack weather warning.

The Met Office have ruined summer already by issuing a weather warning this weekend with the worst weather set to hit throughout Saturday. If this is anything like the last ‘Superstorm’ in back in February then all us storm chasers are set to be disappointed.


All of the weather. (Picture: Met Office)

All of the weather. (Picture: Met Office)

The Met Office have stated:

“It’s down to a combination of factors, high pressure sweeping weather fronts across the UK and an area of low pressure down to the south-west”

In simple terms this could be one of the worst storms in the world, ever. Well not really, but Superstorm Tony, as Yack have dubbed it, could caused localised flash flooding and major disruption to holiday makers embarking on the first weeks of official summertime. There is even a chance of hailstones the size of ‘cricket balls’ in some places, however, temperatures are still said to hit 25 degrees centigrade.

To top it off The Express have warned us all about the potential for Tornadoes and ‘deadly lightning strikes’. Our first issue with that is, aren’t all lightning strikes potentially deadly? Secondly this is GREAT Britian, a body of land with such a prestigious name certainly cannot be ravaged by Tornadoes.

Despite all the warnings, Yack will risk our lives to bring you a weather report from a secret location on the south coast. If we never manage to post the report you can assume that we have died at the hands of Superstorm Tony. Our love goes out to our friends and family, and we give our thanks to those who have supported Yack in its short life.

If we don’t die fucking watch the video you Motherfuckers, we’re probably going to get really wet just to entertain your asses.

The whole time we’ll be listening to the Twister theme tune.

Words by Robb Hiscock

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