Did Stephanie McMahon Shit Herself Last Night?

Whilst watching last nights WWE pay-per-view Payback, I noticed something. Something that does not happen very often, but when it does it is possibly among the most entertaining viewing spectacles in the world.

Stephanie McMahon shat herself, or possibly pissed herself, either way she definitely had a moistening of the knickers.

I imagine that just moments after entering the ring to engage Daniel Bryan in a war of words Ms. McMahon would have realised her mistake. She was about to be caught short, after being slapped by Daniel’s off-screen wife Brie Bella, a look of sheer panic washed over Stephanie’s face. At first you would be excused for thinking that she had managed to step her acting up to a semi-convincing level, but that’s when she made a run for it. After a slow and ungainly exit from the ring, she quickened her pace as she awkwardly waddled out of sight.

Something far outside of Stephanie Mcmahon’s control has happened, in front of the 13,000 slack jawed yokels in the crowd and the millions watching across the WWE Network or on Sky, she had gone potty. However as she made the daring dash from ringside to backstage she did not manage to hide the sodden back of her otherwise pristine blue dress.

There is of course a third option, which is that Stephanie was aroused to the point of climax by Bella’s loving slap. This is possibly a repercussion of that now legendary piece of chick-lit 50 Shades Of Grey, and what we witnessed was in fact Stephanie’s awakening, Bella’s fist is now her Dorian Grey (or whatever the fuck that book is about).

Don’t believe us? Here’s the proof. If you still don’t believe us or think we at Yack are super good at photoshop (we’re not), watch the video below and skip to around 6.12 to witness the entire glorious incident for yourselves.

Can't deny a leaking brown eye.


A few weeks ago we wrote what we then thought to be the worst way to shit yourself, well I think this probably tops that. We’ve also wrote a piece on what is the best way to evacuate your bowels without the use of a toilet, which had Stephanie read, she might not have found herself in this soggy predicament.

The bottom line is, you should all stay tuned to Yack for all the shittiest/pissiest/silliest news.

Words by Robb Hiscock

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