U.S Airways- PR Mavericks

U.S Airways have obviously had enough of all the shit that the dumb people of America give them on a daily basis. Now that everybody seems to demand a response on twitter when they complain about something pathetic, I can only imagine how many people whinge at them everyday.

U.S Airways got so pissed off that they tweeted out this hella funny picture. (We censored it, but you can see the full version here, if you really must.)


They took it down immediately and claimed it was a mistake. Which is bullshit. Who ever runs that twitter just turned around, and told this whiney bitch (who literally complained that her plane was delayed by an hour… so what? Just get on with it you stupid piece of shit. ) to shove her complaint up her tuna-puss and fuck off. They didn’t use those words but the picture pretty much says it all.

What if every company just put a middle finger up to customer service, what if McDonald’s just started tweeting pictures of their acne ridden employees, blowing their ‘cool mayo’ into a chicken legend every time someone complained?

A McDonald's employee adds meat patties to a burger bun at a restaurant in London-743694

What if Disneyland’s twitter representatives just told children to fuck themselves, or sent out pictures of a Mickey Mouse getting his head chopped off by militant forces in the middle east.


Maybe every company should just go completely maverick on the most stupid of complaints. It seems everybody wants something for free, and they’ll complain about anything to get it, From MP’s to Job-seekers. What entitles anyone to receive anything without putting effort in. I get that if you pay for something, then you want to get your monies worth, but if something goes wrong that is out of yours, or the companies control what’s the point in kicking up a fuss.

The U.S Airways flight was delayed because it was over-weight (surprise, surprise, fucking Americans), and I bet that the woman who complained, was not only massively obese, but her bag weighed twice as much as it should have because it was full of all of her fucking massive clothes. What you have to remember is that it affected everyone who had paid to get on that plane, and there are so many refund measures in place for when things like this happen, that there is no need to get pissed off at U.S Airways because they’ll probably give her most of her money back anyway. There is no doubt in my mind that U.S Airways was certainly in the right to send out that picture.

Words by Robb Hiscock

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