The Rise and Rise of Hipster, and Why It Is Shit.

Hipster fashion has only become more popular in recent years, with a rapid rise in vintage stores and young men and women dressed like twats filling the high streets. There are so many different definitions of Hipster, that it has literally become impossible to stick to one.

Vintage fashion and counter-cultural movements are staples in the life of a modern hipster. Many young hipster males will  find themselves pretending to be feminists and/or vegetarians, as a way of going against the mainstream. These  are also the young males that wear little shorty-shorts, novelty thick rimmed glasses and some sort of stand out facial hair. Don’t get me wrong, a good beard is flipping cool, but a twisted moustache and a shitty bow-tie looks stupid.

Combine these adopted points of view, with a second hand shop full of overpriced crap and you’ll have yourself a hipster.

Some typically shit Hipster fashion

Some typically shit Hipster fashion.

The rise in retro purchasing has been proven not just in fashion but in technology too. Vinyl sales have gone through the roof in the last year, which makes it no surprise that most new or independant artists will release their music on vinyl. For one the bands know these fashion conscious little shits will lap it up, but secondly they know these kids are willing to pay top-dollar for anything retro.

What I don’t understand is the obsession with vintage, its gone from rocking 50’s style clothes to a 90’s revival. It seems now that anything related to the 90’s is at the height of cool. Even being born in the 90’s.

I mean how many time have you seen ‘You Know You’re A 90’s Kid If…’ spewed across some Facebook wall. Half the time these ‘90’s kids’ were born at the arse-end of the decade, and for some reason they want to cling on to the fact they were born there.

I was born in the early 90’s and I don’t remember shit. Apart from my cousin nearly chucking up on me, in the back of my grandparents car after a new years party. I certainly don’t remember every episode of The Fresh Prince, and the only reason these fuck-heads even realised it exists is because its on some shitty TV channel all-day, everyday.

This is the problem with modern hipsterdom. It is just so false. You’ve got the self-proclaimed 90’s kids who were born in December ‘99.You have the guys who dress like girls, who stand up for the rights of women, who dress like men. You have vegetarians that only eat meat on Saturdays. You basically have a bunch of pricks without a real opinion between them.

Worst of all, after all the effort these people go through to be as popular as they can, they are all still fucking miserable. Each and everyone of them, because they know, deep down, their whole life is a attention seeking lie.

Maybe that is a bit strong, I’m sure a lot of hipster’s do really want to stand up for something they believe in. After all isn’t that what all young people do in various forms anyway? Hopefully, in time, this phase will burn out of society so we can all just go back to normal, and so I don’t have to hate so many people. Everybody would be happier, and so would the world.

Words by Robb Hiscock

2 thoughts on “The Rise and Rise of Hipster, and Why It Is Shit.

  1. What’s sadder is the fact that people feel compelled to write about this topic. I don’t know what is sadder. The Topic or the fact it has had some effect on the writer. This will always happen and leave them to it. Spend your time dedicated to writing something with a bit more substance

    • Thanks for your opinion buddy, we really love hearing what people have got to say. Here at Yack we don’t like to be taken too seriously, as you can probably tell from all our other articles. So thank-you once again for your concern and we’ll dedicate our time towards writing articles to suit you.

      “Use your smile to change this world, but don’t let this world change your smile.”

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